What is TouchView?

TouchView is a Bookmarklet that visualizes touches (or mouseclicks) by drawing a circle at the point of touch. This is useful for when projecting a touch device on an external projector, or when performing a video capture. Try it on this page, right now, by clicking the TouchView link below, but better yet "install" it by adding the bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar.


To "install" the bookmarklet on a desktop, drag this --> TouchView <-- to your bookmark bar (just below the URL bar in your browser).

Or, if you're on the iPad, do the following:

  1. Bookmark this page
  2. Select and copy all the text in the textarea below
  3. Click Bookmarks in the Safari menu
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click the bookmark you added in the first step above
  6. Click the url address area, then the x next to it to clear it out
  7. Paste the copied text from below, click Done

How to Use

On any page on which you want to visualize your touches, click the bookmarklet after the page has loaded

Supported Browsers

The purpose of TouchView is as said above to visualize touches. As such it is mostly intended for mobile browsers. It works on Mobile Safari, and quite likely on Android, though it hasn't been tested there yet. You're also free to try it on the desktop; it works in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. IE and Opera lack one of the necessary components (pointer-events), so it does not work on those browsers.


Created by Ian Gilman, Oskar Austegard, and Xiyuan Shen, with zoom detection code from Detect-Zoom.


TouchView is licensed under the MIT License